“T.M. Service” Legal Group: General Information

“T.M. Service” Legal Group includes the legal company “T.M. Service” (Russia, Nizhny Novgorod), a closed corporation, and the Non-State Educational Institution “Centre for Legal Assistance T.M. Service”.

Our goals:

  • To protect business achievements of our clients from legal positions, and attend to their success at all stages of their development;
  • To assist managers with taking their bearings in the complex and frequently contradictory legal field when they make managerial decisions, and to help with their realization;
  • To improve professional standards of lawyers and to broaden managers’ outlook in various field of their activities.

Our mission:

  • We protect the right of free entrepreneurship, self-fulfillment and success of our clients, their good name and reputation, and, first of all, their achievements.
  • We are open for cooperation, and base our work on profound professional skills, wide connections, long-term experience of working in Russia, and efficient usage of these resources.
  • We understand well the problems of legal support of businesses in Russia and appreciate highly the spirit of partnership in our relationships with our clients