T.M. Service Centre for Legal Assistance

The process of accumulating and analyzing the experience of T.M. Service Legal Company’s providing legal services to companies, enterprises and organizations working in varying fields revealed the following fact: administrators and managers at all levels, as well as lawyers and other specialists on the staff, need and demand advanced theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in various areas of law, management, marketing, consulting, economics and finances. To meet this demand, in 2002 T.M. Service established a non-state educational institution called “T.M. Service Centre for Legal Assistance”.

This is a post-graduate school that offers professional development programmes to corporate managers, lawyers specializing in various legal areas, specialists in the fields of human resources management, economics, finances, securities, consulting and marketing.

Series of continuous practical corporate workshops, training sessions and business meetings are delivered by T.M. Service Centre for Legal Assistance in the framework of the programmes developed and tested by the Centre. The range of the topics discussed at training and information sessions is sufficiently wide and will meet the demands of a widest audience.

Trainees and clients of T.M. Service often asked the Centre management to help them select and employ a full-time lawyer, who would satisfy the requirements of their companies completely. Therefore, in 2003 we started a new line of our activities: selection and estimation of the legal staff. Currently we have a database of legal staff vacancies and a database of candidates who seek such positions. We have developed a methodology for staff training and hiring, estimating corporate positions and the staff of legal departments, which makes it possible to determine the interest of a potential employer and an employee with utmost accuracy, to satisfy all requirements of the parties, and to make the right decision when selecting a full-time lawyer.