T.M. Service Legal Company

"T.M. Service Legal Company"

  • is a legal company with a unique extensive experience of more than ten years in representing and successfully defending interests of its clients in various federal and local government bodies;
  • is a founder and a permanent member of the Nizhny Novgorod Guild of Professional Advisors;
  • is a corporate member of the International Community Association of Nizhny Novgorod (ICANN);
  • is the only company of Nizhny Novgorod included in the first integrated rating of Russian consulting companies in 2003, which was prepared by the Information & Rating Agency UNIPRAVEX for the Izvestiya newspaper;
  • is a participant of the “Volga Region Business Leaders” Project and its legal partner in 17 federated members of the Russian Federation.

The T.M. Service staff consists of experts having many years of work experience and the highest qualification, specialists in the areas of corporate laws, copyright, tax and labour legislation, securities and real property operations. We also use the services of external consultants specializing in a wide range of areas in finance and law.

Our aim is to continuously improve professional standards within our own staff and in the whole legal community of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. For this purpose we initiate and organize a great deal of panel discussions, workshops, and conferences on topical issues connected with effective Russian law.

We actively cooperate with governmental bodies:

  • By order of the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, we participated in developing the region-wide Programme on the Promotion of Investment Activities in the Nizhny Novgorod Region till Year 2005 and are included in the Programme as its member in the area of investment legislation;
  • In cooperation with the administration of the Volga Federal Territory we work on non-profit projects within the Territory;
  • For three years we have been cooperating with the local authorities of the Nizhny Novgorod Region rendering them various legal services.

We actively cooperate with the State Legal Office for registration of real property and real property operations, with tax agencies, various committees, divisions and departments of federal and local authorities. For the examination of documents related to real property operations conducted by our company we have been awarded the Letter of Gratitude of the Nizhny Novgorod Internal Affairs Department.

T.M. Service staff members base their work on internal corporate standards, which are the result of a 14 years' work experience of our company.

We guarantee that no information made available to us in connection with our professional duties is ever disclosed. All confidential information received from and provided to our clients is protected by our company in line with appropriate provisions.

We have a sizeable package of our own developments highly rated by our clients and colleagues.

Our foreign partners

T.M. Service has 14 years of experience in successfully working with foreign clients in various legislation areas, in particular:

  • Optimization of taxation in Russia and abroad;
  • Acquisition of shares and stocks;
  • Representation of our clients' interests in federal and state agencies, in judicial and tax bodies;
  • Registration and legalization of operations in branches and representative offices of foreign and Russian companies, of organizations with foreign investments;
  • Consulting on the issues of regulating labour relationships in various organizations including those with participation of non-residents;
  • Legal support of investment processes;
  • Preparation of contracts/agreements (land lease contracts, foreign trade contracts, etc.) and development of schemes of agreements (including preparation of due diligence opinions and risk analysis reports) ;
  • Preparation of analytical statements on the issues of effective Russian law.

The list of our foreign clients includes:

  • Representative office of the Quadriga Capital Foundation ( Germany ) in Nizhny Novgorod ;
  • Agep Color, Slovenia;
  • Simmons Tool Corporation, USA;
  • Shimazu Deutchland GmbH, Germany;
  • FORA Fund, member of the Opportunity International Network;
  • Designee Volga , an organization with foreign investments;
  • Japanese Centre, the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the non-profit organization;
  • Northern Ireland Public Sector Enterprises Limited, GB.
  • Knorr-Bremse Fekrendszerek Kft
  • Knorr-Bremse Russ, an organization with foreign investments;
  • Vik-Sandvik Holding AC, Norway
  • Vic-Sandvik Russlan d, an organization with foreign investments;
  • Sames Technologies, France .

T.M. Service also rendered legal services during the development of a project on Dutch investments in a company in Dzerzhinsk.

Client service organization

A distinctive feature of our work with our clients is a detailed and careful analysis of set tasks and the ability to work out most practicable and precise solutions.

The majority of our clients, as a rule, have their own full-time or part-time lawyer, and still use services of our consultants on a continuous basis, within the framework of a subscriber's or project-based servicing. The subscriber's mode provides comprehensive, stepwise solutions of business problems. Currently, some organizations have been using the subscriber's mode for three, five, or seven years. Many of our clients prefer to work with our consultants in the project-based mode. On the one hand, this mode allows the client to be provided with legal services at a cheaper price but to a high-quality standard; on the other hand, the professional experience accumulated by our staff over years of operation makes it possible to find solutions for the most complicated issues that a company faces, in the most expedient and efficient manner.

In our work, we abide by certain rules and principles of operation, and observe a strict order of workflow management.

First, a client's order is prepared in writing: the legal service required by the client is described in the order form, requests and suggestions of the client are documented in the same form, and the confidentiality provision is stipulated separately.

The next step is to determine the cost of the legal service to be provided based on the principle of hourly remuneration of the work of our legal staff. At this step the issue of the order and the amount of the advance payment are discussed and further stipulated in the contract. After the issues of the subject of the contract, the cost of the contract execution and the amount of the advance payment have been negotiated and agreed upon, the contract stipulating all said provisions is signed.

After the advance payment has been transferred to the current account of our company we start executing the client's order. If in the course of the order execution it becomes clear that expedient and high-quality execution of the order requires involvement of third parties, a request for the Client's written agreement for such involvement is obligatory.

The above describes the so-called project-based mode of our cooperation with our clients. In the subscriber's mode, i.e. continuous client support, the services under the corresponding contract may be requested by one of the group of the company's representatives authorized to do so. Subscribers make the advance payment only once, during the first month of the services; after that the subscriber is charged on a monthly basis, based on the works performed and accepted.